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I recently saw a movie called flight of the phoenix' and there was a quote that defines my life's' situation;  I think a man only needs one thing in life. He just needs someone to love. If you can't give him that, then give him something to hope for. And if you can't give him that, just give him something to do. This is my something to do.

I have to give mad love and utmost thanks and gratitude to www.introductiondesign.com for starting my new year off with a bang. Your support is overwhelming and keeps blowing me away. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

For all that have visited my site before and wondering why new look...
I goofed up!! My favorite slogan is more and this time it got me in trouble. In trying to make more room, I deleted my whole site. I was hurt, but it just gave me something to do besides lose money playing poker.  Now I do like playing , it helps me keep my mind sharp or is that my justifiable solution, anyway I like to play...so when I erred , thought I better focus on something else.

I've redesigned a little bit but basically the same info. For those who don't know me that well, you will by the time you've checked out my whole site. I am very creative and I have entirely too much free time on my hands. My brain is constantly racing and I must keep busy. So I created a way for me to share my world.

Hope is alive and very strong within me. My disability has kept me safe. I know that may sound strange, but as I watch the news, I see that there are people who have more suffering than I do. I have been blessed with support from my friends and family. I'm trying to survive each day I wake, not having to worry about going through the normal stressful events. My problem is keeping my mind off my disability, not focusing on what I can't do and enjoy the things I can achieve. I see my cup as half full not half empty.

 I live alone but I have 2 great caregivers to put up with me and my stuff. They are very familiar with me and normally don't pay me no never-mind. Once they are gone, I'm alone to cause chaos till bedtime where I need assistance to make it. Since I'm single and quite
adapt to being alone, I'm O K. I'm still blessed to have both my parents not to far away. No need to worry.

 I have to thank The ALS Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter for providing me with tools I need and overall support.

You can peek into my world and see how creative and crazy I am. I have been called stubborn, headstrong, and a couple others, but never labeled a quitter. I managed to create all this using my head mouse and determination. Imagine moving your head left to right a couple hundred times a day. This is what I go through on a daily basis to operate my pc, I can't just sit still and be a TV junkie. Curious about how I made this, I have a little sample, click here.

 I'm a fun loving and very crazy but sane individual. I unfortunately have a very fatal disability called ALS. I am at this time entering my 7th year of living with this since being diagnosed in Feb. 1999 and it is has not been easy. I am not contagious (just my personality) or need special devices to enjoy people, I feel, I love, I enjoy.
I don't know my life expectancy but who does. So I just live and love life to its fullest. If life grabs me earlier than I would prefer, I still live thru my greatest gift, my daughter Kheyvonna, who is truly a sparkle from her fathers` eye.

   I 'Think' which allows me to be creative and to manage everyday life. My faith in My Lord will get me through it all and allow me to enjoy this shell that I'm in. HE has given me talents to share, inspire and help others with what I have.

I enjoy all sports especially football, basketball and baseball. So if you want to donate tickets , give me a couple days notice to arrange a ride and I'm there with a big smile on my face. I play 'fantasy' football and yes, I am a wheelchair quarterback.

Due to all this free time I have, my site now has just about everything I would have hoped for. My own jukebox for your listening pleasure, my own chat room with video capability for interaction, and a whole lot of other good stuff.

OK, this is enough for now. I hope that you come back often, as long I have the strength and desire to maintain my site I will always be adding to it. ImDabear.net is me and the more you visit the more I can share a part of me.
ok, cya

before you enter check your speakers, I don't want you to miss anything!!!

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