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In 1998, I was 35 working 6 days a week on 2 jobs with my day off to spend with my daughter who was 6 at the time. I drove a van during the day and bartended at a night-club on the weekends. My working life was my social life.

I was very active in sports mostly basketball and this is how I knew something was wrong. I was with my daughter at the playground/basketball court when I noticed that I had trouble lifting the basketball over my shoulder. It was the worst feeling in life. I, from there started going to a free clinic once a month because I didn't have any medical insurance. this continued for 6 months until I finally got a diagnosis, it called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

 I ended up resigning my nightclub duties and lost my job driving my van.

My website  is to help promote awareness and keep my brain busy. I can not sit and watch TV and deal with atrophy. ALS picked the wrong one because I am a troublemaker and now that I realize that I'm living with it instead of dying of it...watch out world I'm not going without fighting back.

If i come across angry or bitter, it is what it is. I'm tnying to use a positive way to convey my message, if this doesn't work, my gloves are coming off.

     I ask that you experience my site and tell your friends, family, and co-workers.

My site is informative, full of resources, unique, and just something for all to enjoy.

 I was sending out links(aug 2006) to my website, my way of sharing. Then, a couple days later, Nbc10 shows up on my caller id on my computer. I answered phone and it was Edie Huggins. I'm all smiles but my voice was very weak, but she asked if she could come by and talk with me about my website, of course I said yes. She came over, we spent 2 hours together talking and next thing I know I'm a Huggins Hero.

It was my first and only interview. I enjoyed my 5 minutes of fame.


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